AWS Summit Online ASEAN

18 & 19 May 2021

Learn how cloud technology can optimise your organisational efficiency, lower costs, accelerate innovation – and address long-term strategies for business resiliency.
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What you can learn at AWS Summit Online ASEAN 2021
Explore how industries are embracing the cloud
Hear customer success stories and learn about cloud solutions across various industries such as financial services, retail, telco, media, manufacturing and healthcare.
Discover how to get started with your AWS journey
Discover easy-to-launch cloud based solutions and explore introductory topics on how to optimise your costs, increase your workforce productivity and more.
Learn digital transformation best practices
Gain insights on the culture of innovation in Amazon, and learn how to build a data-driven organisation and deliver seamless and secure customer experiences for a resilient future.
Be inspired by discussions on diversity and inclusion
Learn how women are forging new paths in tech and discover how diversity & inclusion plays a crucial role in building a successful digital business.